Management Consulting is Growing- What This Means for Local Organizations

Management Consulting is Growing- What This Means for Local Organizations

World famous strategy consulting firm is opening a new office, and despite the fact that’s new local competition for us, I believe that’s going to be good for businesses.

Why am I happy that there is more competition?

First, it helps business owners because it provides more options for services. If you need someone to help you with business strategy or strategy consulting services you can now go to or a specialized smaller firm like us.

Second, I think that having a big player in the market will give businesses a better understanding of the value of business consulting and a better understanding of what management consulting is and what it can do for one’s business.

Finally, I think it’s going to be great because it’s going to help larger organizations grow.

With the recent purchases , plus the ever expanding reach and global relay and other into the global market, it further supports small and medium sized businesses locally because more people get hired,  services get sources from those organizations and money goes back into the economy is every sector.

As an added bonus these business successes, and the ones to follow, serve as examples and benchmarks based businesses that might not have had the vision of what global success can be.

I’ve always been grateful to have been able to start a strategy management consulting firm at a relatively young age. We’ve been able to help a variety of mid-sized organizations (for-profit and non-profit) with business consulting and strategy services.

I’ve always been passionate about potential to grow into a global business hub that is known for more than real estate, tourism and natural resources. I look forward to the coming years as more businesses take advantage of growth opportunities both locally and abroad.

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